Many of our veterans have and are continuing to return home with wounds both visible to us and also most importantly invisible and unrecognizable for an indefinite period of time.

Only a person who has lived with the trauma of P.T.S.D. or lives with a person suffering from this type of disorder can understand the need for comfort to the person and family members of that household.

Each and every person is affected by the person suffering even though they themselves can not recognize their own symptoms. Who other than a quiet, caring, loving furry friend with affection of a kiss on your hand, a head on your lap, laying at your side, unquestionable love and devotion can bring this type of support?

Australian Labradoodles are hypoallergenic (not just hair & dander) down to their skin & saliva, 98% shed free and come in several different sizes so they can accommodate any household environment is a most unique and wonderful therapy dog. They are recommended for their temperament to work in nursing homes, hospitals, with children and now with veterans coming back both physically and mentally wounded.

As a small token a appreciation for all these honorable & courageous men, women & their families have given for our safety & security.

It is my privilege to offer a puppy out of each Southern States Australian Labradoodles litter to a veteran (or their family in need). It is our hope to have 3 or more litters a year and continue to grow as we keep back more girls.

The Wounded Warrior PTSD program is designed for service people who are in urgent need of a companion dog to help with PTSD and / or have TBI and have been recommended by their attending psychologist / psychiatrist to have a companion / therapy dog due to their difficulty to maneuver everyday life, i.e. get & maintain employment, suicidal, etc. All applications will be considered on a personal needs basis.

Available Labradoodles

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Guardian & Co-owner Homes Needed NOW!!

Southern States Australian Labradoodles puppies are Loved, Cared for, Socialized, Played with & start their learning experiences with training from the very moment they are brought into this world. We look for this same love & devotion in our forever guardian homes, if you are interested in becoming part of our guardian families & being home to a picked puppy, fill out an application let us know!