The Guardian Family Program is one that is offered as a cooperative program in which all parties have a vested interest in order to meet the needs for all involved, primarily the dog. 

In order for the dog to prosper and have a rich & rewarding life, it needs to be in a loving, nurturing & safe home environment, one where it doesn’t need to share attention with many other pets,& doesn’t live iN kennel – like conditions. 

 Breeders of Australian Labradoodles know there are wonderful people that have a need, would like or as in the place of limited income or single parent homes can not afford the outright cost of one of our furry forever loving friends. 

These homes have medical needs due to respiratory conditions of their child or themselves and would love to be a wonderful, loving home to a guardian friend. We are honored to be able to help others with their dreams of a furry friend while we expand our program with new lines to offer and keep the integrity of the breed up by in-home living and individual care.

If you would like to become a part of Southern States extended family and partner please contact us as we and our furry forever friends are looking for special friends just like you!

Available Labradoodles

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Guardian & Co-owner Homes Needed NOW!!

Southern States Australian Labradoodles puppies are Loved, Cared for, Socialized, Played with & start their learning experiences with training from the very moment they are brought into this world. We look for this same love & devotion in our forever guardian homes, if you are interested in becoming part of our guardian families & being home to a picked puppy, fill out an application let us know!